Swapping a hard-drive in a WNE server

The WNE server is installed with five hard drives installed configured in resilient RAID sets:

Bay #1 and Bay #2 form a mirrored system drive.  Both drives are the same size (300GB for a DL-180 and 450GB for a DL-380)

Bay #3, Bay #4 and Bay #5 combine as a data volume, each drive is 2TB.

Each drive has two indicators an online indicator at the bottom (green, flashing or off) and a top fault indicator (normally off)

Should a drive begin to fail, it will display an flashing orange fault indicator (top) and you can contact Reuters for a replacement which you can easily replace following the steps below:

  1. Ensure that the server is running
  2. Remove faulty HDD from the bay
  3. Replace with the new drive
  4. Ensure the server is powered on until the RAID RE-BUILD is complete

After the HDD is swapped the LED will blink/flash during the RAID rebuild. Once complete the fault indicator will clear and the bottom online indicator should be green or flashing (see Bays #2-5)

If after replacement the drive fault shows as solid ORANGE as shown for (Bay #1) then follow the steps below:

  1. Remove problematic hard drive.
  2. Reboot the server (keep the power button press around 15 seconds, until get completely OFF, wait 10 secs and then turn ON the server).
  3. Let stabilize the server with no drive in the port
  4. Wait around 1 hour
  5. Insert new hard drive
  6. New hard drive light should become green. 

Note: Swapping the drive with the machine OFF will spoil the RAID and the HDD