Resetting your Reuters Connect Password

The following steps will work for for regular Reuters Connect users as well as contribution partners.

Go to the Reuters Connect website

If logged in already, select the V down arrow next to your name and select Sign Out

Click the Forgot Password? link underneath the password box to reset your password.

You will be prompted to confirm the email address used for the account.  Normally this is the same as the username.  Confirm the email and click SUBMIT.

Note:  If the email does not match one on record you will receive the notification 'Invalid Email ID for password update request.', we encourage you to contact us directly in this situation providing your contact and login details.

You will receive an email:

     Dear user,
     Your Reuters Connect Username is
     To log on to the application, please click here and enter a new password.
     Best regards,
     The Reuters News Agency

Follow the "here" link and enter the new password.

After resetting the password, you can then login immediately with the new password.  Contributors can also use the upload site with the same password plus required Google authentication code.