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What's New

June 2020 Update

AI-based content recommendations

We are pleased to announce the launch of AI-based content recommendations on Reuters Connect, currently in beta phase for a select number of Reuters Connect users.

Content recommendations aim to help you find the content you are looking for faster. Recommended content is displayed on the Homepage as well as in the form of keyword and headline recommendations within the search bar as we test this feature, but you can expect to find recommended content elsewhere on the site over the coming months.

Home Page Recommendations

You may be interested in: this recommendation is based on a collaborative filtering approach that takes into account usage across our entire platform and suggests content for you.

Based on Your activity: these recommendations are based on the items you have viewed or downloaded on the platform.

Keyword & Headline Recommendations

You will get keyword and headline recommendations, based on your recent searches, as soon as you place the cursor into the search bar.

Keyword recommendations also include auto-correct and auto-complete functionality when you are typing search terms, to make it easier than ever to find the content you are looking for.

May 2020 Update

Ready to Publish Stories available via Points

You can now buy Reuters English language, ready to publish stories using Points on Reuters Connect. Our ready to publish, multimedia articles include text, images, videos and graphics (where available) - all delivered in one easy to purchase and download package.

How to find our ready to publish multimedia stories:
In the feed view, set your filter to ‘Reuters’ only content and select ‘packages’ in the top navigation.

In this view you will be able to see the latest ready to publish stories, the assets packaged with each story and the points price. Reuters ready to publish articles require 6 points. When you click on any item, you will see the story and related assets.

When opening a story you will see the first 200 words of the text, providing a preview of the story. For stories longer than 200 words, once purchase is complete the full text will be visible.

To license simply click on the ‘download package’ button – top right. If you would like to download a selection of the assets you can also do this at the ‘asset level’ i.e. next to the pictures/video.

November 2019 Updates

We have launched the new Homepage. More content, new layout.

The main section above shows the traditional categories: Spotlight, Editor's Choice, Archive, Today in History, Partner Window and Trending.

The rows below are dynamic, so keep an eye on that section to discover even more exciting content.

October 2019 Updates

We have launched 'Pay As You Go':

For the first time, you can purchase assets online using just your credit card.

1) When you click on any item, the download button will appear greyed out and you will see a ‘Get Started’ button prompting you to find out the value of the item.

2) Once you click, you will find many variables to fill out that will determine the final monetary value of the asset: ‘Usage Type’, ‘Media Type & Audience Size’, ‘Name/Description of Property’, ‘Circulation’ and ‘Billing Country’.

Please note that for Commercial use, our commercial team would have to provide approval.

3) Once you fill out the usage form, you would see the item pricing ($).

4) If you click on ‘Buy now and Download’ you would see the ‘Points Checkout’ section, where you can include all the Billing and Payment Method information. You can edit the details by clicking on the pencil on the right-hand side.

5) Tax will be calculated and added to the total based on the ‘City’, ‘State’ and ‘Zip Code’ information provided on the Points Checkout section and will be added to the ‘Total’.

6) Once you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button under the final price, the item download begins immediately, and points bought are expired immediately.

7) Invoices will be sent out via Email and also available from the Settings page.

In case you have any questions about Pay As You Go, please contact your Account Manager.

April 2019 Updates

March 2019 Updates

Audio Download Option:

Audio renditions in .mp3 format are now available as an option in the download dropdown for all Packaged Videos stories on Connect.

This means any customer wanting audio content for use in radio or podcasting production can now find material on Connect.

Audio will be available for the same value in points as Video formats. If a user downloads the video, the audio will be free, and vice versa.

Flat Graphics - now in Jpg format

Flat graphics are now available in Jpg format.

First time User Experience:

We have created a tour to enhance your user journey. Refer to the tour which is stored in the Help section (see the question mark) to take you through all the important features of Connect.
You can find a link to the tour, and the Help page, in the bottom-right of your Connect screen, next to Chat.

After clicking on the question mark you will see a welcome panel. Once opened, you will have the option to take a tour or link straight to Help.

February 2019 Updates

Points Information

Admin information is now available in the Points Information dropdown.

This is only applicable to clients with Points Management.

This will allow users to see the details of the person who controls points allocation for the account.

Points Management Redesign

We have made it easier for you to manage your Points. Please see "Subscription Types" for more information.

January 2019 Updates

Automated Instant Access:

Prospective clients can now be provided with instant access to Connect without any Points to spend.

Trials last 15 days.

December 2018 Updates

Plan your coverage ahead and download your planner as a pdf or csv file directly from Connect.

We've also brought the date picker of the Planner to the center so you can easily choose what we'll be covering next week, next month, on a specific date or date range.

November 2018 Updates

Find Multimedia Packages filtering by Packages.

All multimedia packages come with their story (a brief explanatory paragraph) you can download with the package or separately.

October 2018 Updates

Today in History now includes rare text clippings and interactive graphics:

Our Today in History feature now also includes rare text clippings from our archive for each day of the year and interactive graphics with a timeline of events and images. These can be downloaded and customized according to your needs or published directly.

Explore the thousands of iconic assets that have been compiled to mark political developments, technological breakthroughs, natural disasters, infamous crimes and record-breaking achievements from the world of show business and sport.

TV Notes:

Check additional coverage details for our video content in Connect’s Planner by clicking on “More Detail” of the event.

Open an Item in a New Window

Navigate between items by opening them in a new window either with the options on the right or by clicking on the right button of your mouse.

September 2018 Updates

What will change: You will hear the name Refinitiv

With the formal separation of Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv now complete, we wanted to remind you about our customer service process. While you should continue to use the customer service processes already in place, you should be aware that the call center will begin using the name Refinitiv when answering support calls.

This will not change the level of service you receive. Our commitment to providing you with an exceptional customer experience at every stage will not

change. Our Global Support and Service team is dedicated to responding quickly to any technical questions or issues you may have.

Send live streams to multiple destinations

Now you can send your live streams to up to three different destinations at once.

Stream straight to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter at the same time!

August 2018 Updates

We're excited to release our new feature: Trending content.

This will keep you updated on which content is trending in each region this week, today and in the last two hours.

To accommodate it, we've created a new window on the home page where you'll find it. You can also quickly navigate to it through the Discover section of

your shortcuts.

Check what's trending this week, today and in the last two hours in you region!

Building on our upgraded planner, you can now save your planning searches and access them all from your Shortcuts. This is the first step towards tailored planning notifications. Stay tuned for more updates!

June 2018 Updates

Our upgraded planner helps you stay on top of all the major events Reuters is covering.

You can now search for events of your interest and filter by the ones you’re subscribed to.

We’re also working hard to include a downloadable excel file on Connect’s planner so that you don’t miss a single event!

About Reuters Connect

Reuters Connect: The power and agility to harness the world’s content

Driven by the needs of modern day publishing, Reuters Connect is a faster, more intelligent way of sourcing the news you need. A single destination for all your content requirements.

With a vast range of coverage from Reuters and other leading media organizations, you can now tell more compelling stories that engage and grow your audience.

Building upon your traditional Reuters subscription, Reuters Connect also gives you the freedom to choose the content you need with quarterly points to spend as you wish. Remain flexible with a traditional subscription, a Points subscription, or both – accessing all the multimedia content you need on a single platform.

Subscription Types

There are different subscription types available to use Reuters Content:

  1. Feeds Subscription:

    • Designed to grant you unlimited usage within agreed rights to the feeds you subscribe to.

    • All our content is available on this all-you-can-eat subscription except for our partner's content.

    • Delivery mechanism: Reuters Connect and/or CMS integration online or via satellite.

    • You'll see it on Connect as the content with a tick on it.

    Subscription Type 1
  2. Reuters Connect Points Subscription:

    • This option is a subscription to a certain number of Points with which you can download certain content, for example from our partners.

    • Designed to provide you with the freedom to access and utilize different content topics and formats as and when you need them.

    • All our content is available on Points except for our text and online reports wire, which are only available on feed subscriptions.

    • Delivery mechanism: Reuters Connect.

    • The amount of Points is specified on each asset.

    Subscription Type 2
  3. A combination of unlimited subscriptions and Points:

    • Designed to allow you the best combination of unlimited usage with subscriptions and flexibility with Points.

    • Delivery mechanism: Reuters Connect for all content and/or CMS integration online or via satellite for subscribed content.

    Subscription Type 3

Points Management

Points are updated automatically in real time and can be consulted on the Points balance on the top right.

Points Mgmt 1

Points are allocated quarterly, because we know that some months are busier than others. Unused Points cannot be used during the following quarter they were purchased.

If you’re interested in overseeing the Points your team uses, you can nominate an administrator user from your team to allocate Points to the rest of the team. The administrator user can:

  • Create different groups within your organization (e.g. Video desk, Picture desk).

  • Assign users to each group (e.g. Sara Brown to Video desk, David Moreno to Picture desk).

  • Assign Points to each group (e.g. 100 Points to Video desk, 50 Points to Picture desk). The sum of points allocated to all the groups should not be more than the total grant of the account.

  • Assign overages limits to each group.

  • Assign Permissions to each group (e.g. Users in the Picture desk group can only download pictures). You can choose single or multiple media types from Pictures, Graphics, Video, Live Video.

  • Consult and download excel usage reports for the groups in the current quarter.

Please note that users who are not part of any group would have no access to Points. So, please assign all users to groups if they intend to spend Points.

In order to manage your team’s Points, please reach out to your account manager with the email address of the administrator user and we’ll get you started very quickly.

  1. As an administrator, you’ll now be the only user with the option of “My Organization” in the drop-down menu under your name. Click on it to start managing your team’s Points.

  2. Points Mgmt 2
  3. Click on Create Group to start

  4. Points Mgmt 3
  5. Give the new group a name, a Point allocation and select which media types and users should belong to the group to save the group.

  6. Points Mgmt 4
  7. You can edit the group details by clicking the EDIT button.

  8. Points Mgmt 6
  9. From DOWNLOADS button, you can check and download your team's usage during the quarter as an excel report

To learn more about Points, please reach out to your account manager or ask us on the chat.

Getting Started

Access Reuters Connect from the following URL:

If it’s the first time you’re signing in, you will have received an email to set your username and password.

Enter your username and your password to sign in.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link to reset it. You will be asked to insert your email address with which you use Reuters Connect.

The automated email you will receive will provide you with your username and link to reset a new password.

Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email in your inbox.


Your Reuters Connect account comes with default settings you can customize from the Settings page. On the Settings page you will be able to update your account information, change your password and select your content feeds and format.

Access the Settings page by clicking on your account name in the header and selecting the Settings option from the dropdown menu.

On the Account Settings you can change your first and last name, your phone number and password.

Change your password:

  1. Enter your old password

  2. Enter a new password. Passwords must be a combination of upper and lowercase letters, include at least one number and be at least 8 characters long

  3. Once you are satisfied with the query, click “Save” next to the number search results

  4. Enter your new password again to confirm

  5. Click “Save”

On the Content Settings, you can change your time zone, date and time format.

Reuters Connect automatically detects your time zone and uses this information to display the correct date and time for each news item. To change the default time zone, select a specific time zone from the dropdown list under Account on the Settings page. You can also change the display format between (DD/MM/YY) or (MM/DD/YY) and (12 HR) or (24 HR) under Content on the Settings page.

The downloads settings are where you can choose which format suits you best for raw, packaged and archive video.

On the Feed Settings you can adjust the settings of your feed tab to limit your view only to content that you’re subscribed to.

By deselecting All Marketplace, you will only see your subscribed content in the feed tab. Note that this may decrease the number of items your searches return. This will not affect your navigation on the home page.

The easiest way to filter by the content you’re subscribed to is by selecting your feeds on the shortcuts.



Home Page

Our home page helps you easily navigate all our content. We don’t want you to miss out on anything so we’ve highlighted different sections of interest.

Find our spotlight content, which is curated regularly to showcase top events such as the Royal Wedding or the World Cup.

We now offer “Today in History”, 366 days of packages highlighting the most memorable happenings for every day in history with our rich archive stretching back to 1896.

Dig into it to find more coverage of histoical events!

On the home page, you’ll also find our ever popular multimedia stories with a director’s view of our coverage updated in real time.

In addition, our world-class partners have a dedicated space featuring relevant content to the moment with sports, animations, entertainment and fashion assets.

You can search specifically within these sections and with our shortcuts always access them as well as your saved searches, your feeds and your online reports.


RAW content is defined as content which is traditionally not intended for automatic publishing but as source material that editors can use in their finished pieces in combination with associated media assets.

PACKAGED content by contrast is intended for automatic publishing.

RAW Content


Comprehensive news imagery from every corner of the globe, around-the-clock. Images of the biggest stories as they break make for a vital editorial resource for the world's media as well as government and corporate organizations.

For clients who access our pictures via FTP / content downloader / API, all images are made available in multiple resolutions/renditions.

  • Small JPEG: Width = 150 pixels

  • Medium JPEG: Width = 640 pixels

  • Limited JPEG: Width = 3500 pixels

  • Base JPEG: Highest quality resolution


Information graphics, maps and charts that illustrate news events and current issues in a striking and informative way. Advanced packages for large-scale planned events like economic summits, elections, and all major sporting events are also available.

  • Static graphics: Vector eps files that are intended for static use. Graphics are easily edited and can be customized for both size and style. This allows for use in both print and static web pages.

  • Interactive graphics: Dynamic javascript based graphics intended for online platforms. All graphics are fully responsive to work across all screen sizes and platforms.

    A zip folder can be download directly and will open up to show four folders. The folders give multiple options to deploy the graphic.

    Embed: This is the recommended way to deploy the graphic. The files are hosted by Reuters with no editing required. A few lines of code will render the graphic on your website.

    Production version: A non-minified version of the interactive. Recommended for users who want to edit or customize the graphic. The javascript and css are compiled into single files, but not minified.

    Development version: A non-minified version of the interactive. Recommended for users who want to edit or customize the graphic. The javascript and css are compiled into single files, but not minified.

    Source folder: For more advanced developers. This folder can be run as an app, and is much easier for high level customizations.

Content 4


Subscribe to over 2.2 million unique news stories per year. Delivered instantly in multiple languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) to suit your audience. Access them all in Reuters Connect.


Ready to publish video:

Ready to publish videos are fully packaged, narrated, and ready for online publishing into verticals based on content and/or region. Clips are usually 60-120 seconds in length and voiced in English unless otherwise published to channels requiring specific languages such as Arabic, Spanish or German. Captioned video, available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish is designed specifically for a mobile and social audience.

Each video is published with:

  • Video’s script as a text element

  • Multiple renditions (formats) of the video

  • Keyframe images

  • MP3 audio of the narrative

Content 5

Ready to publish stories:

Our English-language ready to publish, multimedia articles include text, images, videos and graphics (where available) - all delivered in one easy to purchase and download package.

How to find our ready to publish multimedia stories:

In the feed view, set your filter to ‘Reuters’ only content and select ‘packages’ in the top navigation.

In this view you will be able to see the latest ready to publish stories, the assets packaged with each story and the points price for Points customers. Reuters ready to publish articles require 6 points. When you click on any item, you will see the story and related assets.

When opening a story, Points customers will see the first 200 words of the text, providing a story preview. For stories longer than 200 words, once purchase is complete the full text will be visible. Subscription customers will see the full text story.

To license simply click on the ‘download package’ button – top right. If you would like to download a selection of the assets you can also do this at the ‘asset level’ i.e. next to the pictures/video.


For details on restrictions please review


Item Preview

The item preview or thumbnail contains only the most relevant information regarding the news item. An item preview consists of the following components:

  • Thumbnail image (for video, pictures, and graphics only)

  • Date and time stamp

  • Slug

  • Headline

  • Body text (for text services only)


The main news feed will display all news items in your subscriptions in reverse chronological order (latest items first).

Auto Updates

Reuters Connect refreshes every 30 seconds to poll for new updates. If new items are available since the last update, these will load automatically indicated with a temporary yellow highlight.

If you are scrolled down the page or viewing any news item, a notification will be displayed in the header indicating the number of new items pending. Click on the notification to get the newest items.

Item Detail

The item detail view contains the full information regarding the news item. This includes video previews, a larger preview image for pictures and graphics, and the full body text for text services. For multimedia packages with multiple assets, hover over images for captions and text.

Each item also includes the following features:

  • Open in New Window: Opens the detail view in a standalone pop-out window. Useful when comparing multiple news items.

  • Download: Downloads the news item to your browser’s default download location. Click on the drop down to download the XML. For videos, you can also download the still image used as the preview cover image. For multimedia packages, you can download each asset individually.

  • Add to Collection: Adds the currently open item to a collection.

  • Share via Email: Share the news item to your colleagues via email. Note: the user will also need to be signed in to Reuters Connect with the same subscriptions to view the content.

  • Print: Print the news item as viewed in the item detail view.

  • Metadata: Fields including Date, Duration, Copyright, Restrictions, Location, Source, Topic, and ID.

Pictures Help

Photo Collections

There are a variety of picture packages on Reuters Connect which have been manually curated by editorial experts to showcase the best Reuters picture content available. These picture packages are a great way to source coverage of the biggest news stories, as well as simply and easily access the most striking and compelling content for your needs.

There are a variety of different types of packages available to view on Reuters Connect. You can view all the packages in order of recency here.

Picture packages available

Editors’ Choice: These are produced daily and are a great place to source the most newsworthy and high-quality images published in the past 24 hours.

In the Headlines: These are tailored to a specific current news story, grouping the best images behind a specific news story together.

Pictures of the week, month, or year: Our editors curate the best content from a given week, month or year.

Wider Image: In-depth visual reports which provide a unique insight into a broader news story. Wider Image stories are published on average once a week.

Pictures Report and Spotlight: Both of these types of picture packages are tailored to a specific theme, which may be current or historical. They can range from human interest stories to wider-ranging stories about the impact of a news event on a group of people. Can include archival images relevant to a current-day news story, or upcoming anniversary.

Oddly: These collections of images are a great place to source non-traditional pictures, including odd or weird content.

We also publish picture packages under the topics of Animals, Entertainment, Environment, Fashion, LGBTQ, Obituary, Religion, Royals, Sport, and US Politics.

FAQs for clients migrating from

Are all the same features on Reuters Pictures be available on Reuters Connect?

On Reuters Connect you have access to all the same content which you could previously view on Reuters Pictures.

The Reuters Connect user journey is designed to improve content discovery and is therefore not an exact match of Reuters Pictures.

If you are new to Reuters Connect your Account Manager can schedule a training session with your team to explain how to make the most of the features of the platform.

We also offer 24 hours live chat support to Reuters Connect users, and a comprehensive help section.

How can I set my feed to view pictures only?

On the “Feed” page, you can select “pictures” from media type filtering options.

You can also create saved searches for pictures only content by ensuring that you have checked pictures in the filtering options before saving.

How can I search for a specific photographer’s pictures on Connect?

You can find pictures taken by a specific photographer simply by carrying out a search for their name on Reuters Connect.

How can I filter my search to a specific location?

You can filter by region by applying the relevant region filter option. Alternatively, if you need to filter to a more granular location you can run a Boolean search directly in the search box. The supported Boolean operators include the functions AND, OR, NOT and exact phrase “ “.

E.g. France AND Pensions.

Where can I find curated selections of picture packages such as “Editor’s Choice”?

Editor’s Choice is accessible on Reuters Connect from the homepage, under the rotating carousel.

Another way of finding all the Editor’s Choice pictures is to search “TPX” on the search bar, filtering the results to show pictures only.

For all Wider Image stories, search “Wider Image” with speech marks included.

If you experience any issues don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team on the Chat function or speak to your account manager.

Automated Transcription, Translation and Identification

For many Reuters videos you will now find a feature that uses artificial intelligence to provide you with access to near-instant, time-coded speech-to-text transcripts, and identification of public figures as they appear in the video. You can find this within the Item Detail.

The feature is available in 11 languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi – as well as any multi-language videos that are a combination of English, Spanish, German, and French. For non-English video we also include an automated translation to English.

Video Transcription and Translation

To see the video transcript, on the right-hand side of the Item Detail you will see the “Full Transcript” icon, which when expanded will provide you the full transcript as captured by the underlying technology:

In cases where the video’s original language is in English, there will be a single view displaying the transcript.

English Language display:

While in cases where the video’s original language is not in English we will display two tabs, one for the original language and one for the automated translation:

Original Language tab:

Automated Translation tab:

By clicking on any quote or timecode within the transcript window, on either the Original Language or Automated Translation tabs, the video player will jump to the corresponding point in the video allowing you to quickly reference what is said and by whom.

Public Figure Identification

The feature will also identify certain public figures who appear in the videos and allow users to easily navigate to those sections, enabling better and faster content discovery.

By selecting on the public figure tag (see screenshot below) of an identified person, the video player will jump to the point in the video they first appear.

The public figure tag also indicates in which sections of the timeline an identified person appears, giving you a sense of the proportion of the video they appear, while hovering over the light blue sections displays the exact time codes they appear:

Reuters Video Archive: Automated Transcription, Translation & Identification FAQ

As of  August 11th 2020 Reuters Connect users that have access to the Reuters Video Archive as well as the Reuters Audio Archive will benefit from the expansion of our recently announced beta feature, which utilizes our fully automated Transcription, Translation and Identification capabilities, across a large number of archival assets.

Below are some common questions and answers; for any additional queries please Contact Support.

What exactly is this?

  • As part of a recent project supported by the Google DNI Fund, we applied our fully automated Transcription, Translation & Identification capability to our entire Reuters Video Archive – approximately one million video clips going back to 1896.

The purpose of this project was to use cutting-edge Machine-Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to automatically extract additional contextual information locked within our deep and historic archive in order to increase its discoverability across Reuters Connect.

How was this done?

  • At a high level this project comprised of 4 major tasks:
  1. Deep analysis of the Reuters Video Archive to better understand the distribution of assets across the decades and gauge the quality of existing structured metadata across the archive.
  2. Enhancements to our in-house Transcription, Translation & Identification technology capabilities in order to optimize our metadata extraction model and confidently process as much archival content as possible.
  3. Prioritization of our archive video, including reviewing and annotating content with limited structured metadata, in order to focus the fully automated processing across assets that would return the highest confidence metadata.
  4. Processing the Reuters Video Archive data corpus through our technology capability to extract as much automated metadata as possible.

Has the extracted metadata been humanly reviewed?

  • No, the metadata extracted by our system for this project—which encompasses an enormous volume of assets—has not undergone any direct human review. Our Transcription, Translation & Identification technology capability comprises of a series of input controls and output scores that allow us to confidently make a determination on the quality of extracted metadata before putting it to use in Reuters Connect.
  • Despite these controls and checks we understand some inaccuracies may occur. If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please raise them with our Support desk.

Is it available across all archival assets?

  • No. While we processed our entire Reuters Video Archive as noted above a combination of input controls and output scores designed into our metadata extraction system mean we will not display metadata that does not meet our accuracy criteria.

How do you control the quality of the output?

  • To ensure we are displaying as accurate information as possible we use three primary levers:
  1. Language: Our automated Transcription, Translation & Identification capability is available in 11 languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi – as well as any multi-language videos that are a combination of English, Spanish, German, and French. If an archive video does not qualify for one of these language models, we do not display transcription and translation data although we may display any public figures identified.
  2. Existing Structured metadata: In order to assess if an archive video qualifies for one of our processing models, we look at an asset’s existing metadata as well as estimate output quality and utilize a number of analytical techniques to determine appropriateness. For many archival assets these indicators were unfortunately suboptimal as metadata management capabilities were less sophisticated in years gone by. As such even if you come across a video that may seem suitable if we were not able to computationally verify this, we do not display any data.
  3. Confidence scores: There may be cases where an archival video qualifies into one of our processing models but the confidence scores associated to our output did not meet our thresholds due to the video/audio quality. In those instances, we do not display any data. This is particularly the case for older assets.

Do I have to see this feature?

No. If you do not want to see this feature in Reuters Connect you can Contact Support or reach out to your Account Manager and request we remove this feature from your profile.

If I want to know more where can I find out more information?

For all queries on how to navigate the feature you can visit our Reuters Connect Help Pages; for any additional information you can Contact Support or your Account Manager.

Automated Features

This feature is currently in beta testing and is not available for all videos. It is important to note that this feature is completely automated, without direct human supervision applied to the transcription, translation and identification functionality. We continue to be committed to providing independent, fair, and accurate reporting consistent with our Trust Principles, and we believe these tools will enhance our news content. If you would like to learn more about this feature or about Reuters’ services, or if you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Support.

Use of this feature is subject to the Reuters Connect General Terms and/or your other written agreements with Reuters.


Filters allow you to drill down and find content specific to your needs.

Select your desired Media Type, Category, Date Range, Region, and/or Language then click Apply to set your filter options.

Click on the Filter button to modify your filter settings or click on the Reuters Connect logo to clear them.



Reuters Connect’s Stories panel is where videos, pictures, and graphics are grouped together by event and found in one place. Click ‘View All’ to browse all available event groupings then select an event to view all available assets.



With Reuters Connect you can easily download all the content you need. One click and it’s all yours!


Collections help you organize your content to save and share as you wish.

Creating Collections

You can create new collections either in the Manage Collections view or from within the item itself.

To create collections from any navigation point:

  1. Click on “Collections” in the navigation bar

  2. Click “See all Collections”

  3. Click on the orange box “ + New Collection” button located at the top right of the page

  4. Name your collection and click “create” to confirm

To create a new collection from within an item:

  1. Click on the item to view its detail

  2. Click on the dropdown menu on “Add a collection”

  3. Click on + “Create new collection”

  4. Name the collection and add it

Adding and removing items from a collection

To add any item to a collection, click on an item to view its detail.

If you already have an existing collection, the button will be displayed as “Add to Collection” with the name of the existing collection. By default, this will be the collection with the last activity. To add this item to another collection, click the drop down menu to either select another collection or create a new collection.

To remove an item from a collection, open the item detail inside the collection and click “Remove from Collection”.

Managing collections

In order to manage your collections, click on “Collections” in the main navigation and navigate to “See all Collections”. From this view, you can copy a link of the collections, share them or delete your collection.

Collections 1

You can share or delete a collection from within the collection itself. Share collections by copying the shareable link or sending them via email.

Users can share Collections with any other Reuters Connect users. 

Please note that if we don’t have the rights to archive certain content, it will be removed from your collection after 30 days since its publication.

Collections 2


Stay up to date and get notified on events Reuters is committed to cover with our Planning calendar.

Event times in calendar show in your local time zone.

Filter by media type, category, date, region or the events you're following.

Follow an event if you would like to be notified via email when the event is updated.

Search for an event, save it to find it easily again and set up email notifications for it.

You can also download a pdf and csv file for your calendar.


Reuters Lives offers up to six live streams of news events which can be output via HLS, HDS, embed codes and RTMP.

Found on the Live tab of Reuters Connect, the live schedule outlines what is scheduled for that day. Future dates can be selected by using the arrows above the Live list.

Sorted by Live first, an event can be in several different status types:

  1. Live: Actively being streamed

  2. Scheduled: Streamed at a future time/date

  3. Completed: Live event has finished

  4. Cancelled: Event has been cancelled

Live 1

Accessing the Livestreams

Selecting the Live will bring it up in the right-hand Live Detail pane. It will offer a brief description about the live which also includes slug, headline, restriction, source, and location.

To output a Live, select either the ‘Get Embed Code’ button if you prefer hosted embed codes or ‘Get URL’ button if you prefer HLS/HDS links.

For Lives currently still scheduled, you can select a check box to receive event updates and a start reminder which will be sent to email address associated with the Reuters Connect user.

The Player

  1. Will full screen the video.

  2. Quality: By default video quality will be set to Auto which will variably adjust based on given internet bandwidth. It can be set to various resolutions based on preference.

  3. Volume Slider: Slide to the left to mute the video. Sliding to the right will maximize volume.

  4. Rewinding a Live: The left arrow key on your keyboard will step back into the live by approximately 1 minute. You will see the ‘Live’ notation change to a time-code telling you are a X minutes Y seconds away from Live. If you click that time-code it will take you back to present time and return to you to Live.

  5. Time Code: Current time code. The depicted Live event on the right has been live for 4 minutes 39 seconds.

  6. Play/Pause: Start or Pause a Live.

Live 2

Hosted (Embed Codes)

Suitable for iframing onto different pages without the need for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), the embed codes for a Live event can be customized to fit requirement. The sizes of the iframe in pixels can be selected after clicking the ‘Get Embed Code’ button. Default sizes are as follows:

  1. Small (416 x 234)

  2. Medium (640 x 360)

  3. Large (1280 x 720)

  4. Custom (user defined height and width)

The embedded player will display a slate with estimated start time information and can be set to automatically go-live once the event begins. The live will return to a slate automatically after the Live ends.

Live 3

Non-Hosted (HLS/HDS)

If preference requires the use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network), clicking the ‘Get URL’ button will expand and HLS/HDS links will be generated which can be plugged into any supported platform.

Live 4

Send to RTMP

With RTMP you can easily stream live video onto your social platforms directly from Connect.

You only need to set it up once and you can add up to 10 destinations.

  1. Access your settings by clicking on your name on the top right of your screen.

  2. Live 5
  3. Scroll down to Live Settings and Select “Add New”.

  4. Choose a destination name and add the Server URL, and Stream ID, which will be provided on your social media platform of choice.

  5. Live 6
  6. Click save and you’re ready to stream on social by clicking on “Send to RTMP” on the live. Select the destination you want to send it to. A tick will appear next to it. Press “Submit” and your stream will start sending. To stop sending, untick the destination and press submit again.

You will only have to repeat the settings process if you reset the Stream Key on your social media sites

We recommend default bitrate of 4096 kbps for Facebook and Youtube. Periscope will work better with 1024 kbps.

Currently you can only send to one RTMP destination at a time from a single account. However, different Connect accounts can send the same live to different destinations at no extra cost.

The signal will begin to transmit 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the live. At this point, a slate will stream to your social media page to allow you to preview the stream before it begins.

Going Live on Facebook

  1. On your Facebook page or profile, select “Live video”

    Fb 1
  2. Select the “Connect” tab and make sure “Enable persistent stream key” is ticked. Otherwise you will have to re-do this process after every live.

  3. Fb 2
  4. Find your Server URL and stream key. This is what you will add to your destination in your Reuters Connect settings.

  5. Seconds after you’ve pressed “submit” to send a live event from Reuters Connect, the video stream will appear as a preview window on your page.

  6. Add your metadata, check your settings and press “Go Live” to start streaming on Facebook.

  7. Stop the live by stopping the stream from Connect.

    Fb 3

Facebook only supports RTMPS for live streaming

To create a new RTMPS destination follow instructions below:

  1. Log in to Reuters Connect
  2. Go to My Settings from the dropdown menu under your name on the top right
  3. Scroll down to Live Settings and click on ‘Add New’ for RTMP(S) Push Destinations
  4. Enter the Destination Name, Server URL, and Stream ID – make sure the Server URL begins with rtmps (Please see this link for how to obtain server URL/stream ID for Facebook)
  5. Click ‘Save’ to add the new RTMPS destination
  6. To update an existing RTMP destination, simply hover over the destination to ‘Edit’ and replace the existing Server URL with the new RTMPS URL

Going Live on Youtube

  1. Go to the “Live Streaming” section of your Tube Creator Studio.

  2. Find your Server URL and stream key. This is what you will add to your destination in your Reuters Connect settings.

  3. Seconds after you’ve pressed “submit” to send a live event from Reuters Connect, the video stream will appear as a preview window on your page.

  4. Add your metadata, check your settings and press “Go Live” to start streaming on Facebook.

  5. Stop the live by stopping the stream from Connect.

Going Live on Twitter via Periscope Producer

  1. Create a New Source on a Periscope Producer page linked to your Twitter account.

  2. Find your Server URL and stream key. This is what you will add to your destination in your Reuters Connect settings.

  3. A few seconds after you’ve pressed “Submit” to end a live event from Reuters Connect, you may get an error message reading “Fix error Message to Preview”. If you ignore this you will then get a button that reads “Preview Broadcast”, click this to view the incoming video stream.

  4. Add your live information, tick “Share this broadcast on Twitter”, then press “Go Live”.

Integration with Grabyo

Reuters Connect easily integrates with Grabyo, an online video-editing tool that allows Reuter Connect users to access our live feeds from anywhere in the world and then use the Grabyo platform to record, clip, and distribute to any destination, broadcast or digital.

Specifically, with Grabyo users can:

  • Record, pause and rewind live streams straight from Reuters Connect

  • lip live videos to download, edit or share straight to social media platforms

  • Create edits in 16:9, square or vertical aspect ratios, with captions or branding

Note that you need a separate subscription to Grabyo to take advantage of these functionalities. Once you have a Grabyo account, you can follow this process:

  1. Select the live event you need from the Reuters Connect live page. Click ‘Get URL’ and ‘Copy HLS link.’

  2. On the Grabyo homepage select a stream, press the three dots on the far right and click ‘Source.’

  3. In the pop-up box, make sure ‘pull’ is selected and paste the URL under ‘source stream URL’ then ‘save changes.’

  4. The live will now be visible under the ‘live clipping’ tab.  If you have more than one live ingested you can select which one is wanted under the menu at the top.

  5. The live content will automatically save for 24 hours (this can be extended by Grabyo if needed.)  You can rewind through the content, playback, clip video, add branded stings, download, or share straight from this view.

Our Partners

Who are Reuters' Content Partners on Connect?

In addition to Reuters award-winning coverage, Reuters Connect includes content from other leading media outlets such as the BBC, USA Today and Africa24; international sports specialists, Perform and Red Bull Media House; plus entertainment coverage from WENN, Variety & Hollywood TV.


AAP is Australia’s national news agency, delivering a continuous stream of breaking news, information and images - our news service sets the standard for accuracy, reliability and impartiality. A breaking news service delivered every day to hundreds of websites and newspapers - AAP news service sets the standard for accuracy, reliability and impartiality.


The Photo Press Agency ABACA based in Paris covers for over a quarter of a century national and international news in many fields: celebrities, sport, economy, politics.
Our priority is to offer an up-to-date coverage on major stories in France and around the world


The global leader in weather news and information with 55 years of experience, AccuWeather provides exclusive, engaging content including breaking weather, extreme meteorologist in-field coverage, AccuWeather ReadyTM preparedness series, expert insights on severe weather events, and more to keep you prepared and safe.


Aflo is one of Asia's largest and most respected digital media aggregators. Based in Tokyo, Aflo delivers a broad range of creative and editorial content from around the world; is the official Japan Olympic photo team and covers major international sporting events (including European soccer and tennis), news and entertainment.


AFRICA24 MEDIA is the leading Pan African content producer. Covering all 55 African countries, at the big events, profiling the big hearts, big stars and the next big thing, AFRICA24 focuses on positive African narratives.

Anadolu Agency

As a global news agency, Anadolu Agency (AA) is among the ten most influential agencies in the world. With 100 years of strong experience, AA provides thousands of news, photo, video, info- graphics and information to its subscribers worldwide as a “Reliable Source of News.” Through its large global network of correspondents and photo-journalists in 100 countries, AA covers the region and the world 7/24 in 13 languages in a wide array ranging from politics to economics, energy to sports, health to science and technology and culture.


Asian News International (ANI) provides news coverage from South Asia to Reuters Connect. ANI content includes politics, business, health, technology, travel and entertainment news and features with regional perspectives.


Atlas news agency, belonging to Mediaset España Comunicación was established in 1998 . In it's first five years, it became the leading provider of television news for local media. Since its inception at the Telecinco headquarters, Atlas was born as a multimedia and multisport agency, covering international news, events, politics, economy and sports.

ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals)

The Association of Tennis Professionals is a main men's tennis governing body. It was formed in September 1972 by Donald Dell, Jack Kramer, and Cliff Drysdale to protect the interests of professional tennis players, and Drysdale became the first President. Featuring tennis scores, stats, rankings, player and tournament information, news , video highlights & more.

BANG Showbiz

BANG Showbiz is the world's premier entertainment news agency providing the most exciting celebrity news to online, print and broadcast media outlets across the globe. BANG was established in 1997 by Fleet Street showbiz columnist Rick Sky – who was entertainment editor on The Sun, Daily Mirror and Daily Star – to serve the UK and world media with entertainment stories.BANG derives its superb editorial content from Rick’s years of experience and his creation of a team of talented journalists writing the hottest celebrity news for audiences around the world and across the web.If BANG isn’t running a story it isn’t worth knowing.

BBC News

BBC News is one of the oldest, largest and most trusted news brands in the world. Based in London, it provides news reporting on a multi-platform basis in English and 37 other languages. BBC News have been the supplier of UK news footage to Reuters since January 2017.


Belgaimage is the leading Belgian press photo agency, producing pictures & videos of all the important news events in Belgium and coverage of Belgians outside of the home territory.
Belgaimage, part of the Brussels based Belga News Agency, has a solid team of 20 well trained & equiped press photographers and video journalists, located all over the country. They are reporting 24/7, with more than ten news items a day regarding sports, politics, arts-culture-entertainment, economics-business-finance and breaking news in Flandern, Brussels and Wallonia and all over the world where Belgians are making the news. Belgaimage also includes an archive of more than 2.5 million pictures regarding Belgian history


As the leading authoritative news source in Malaysia, the Malaysian News Agency (BERNAMA) is partnering with Reuters to provide you with the latest official Malaysian news across multiple platforms.


BFA is a global leader in the event photography, with headquarters in New York City and Los Angeles. Our core staff, along with a growing network of highly trained content creators, proudly serves a client list ranging from emerging fashion brands & artists to blue chip tech firms & super luxury brands.

BWF Badminton

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is the international governing body of the sport of badminton, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Founded in 1934 as the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and renamed BWF in 2006, BWF regulates, promotes, develops and popularises the sport of badminton throughout the world. The BWF’s vision is to make badminton a leading global sport accessible to all – giving every child a chance to play for life. BWF organises, conducts and presents international events at the highest level. Highlights are now available on Reuters.


We capture the moments that engage and evoke emotion. Bildbyrån has the widest sports coverage in Scandinavia and cover the world’s major sports events. Since 1953, we have been a part of defining the most important sport memories and top athlete personalities.

Canadian Premier League

Canadian Premier League (CPL) is Canada’s professional men’s soccer league. Playing in world-class and unique venues, and partnering with strong community-led ownership groups, the CPL is a league for Canadians by Canadians that is bringing professional soccer to communities coast-to-coast.

Caters News Agency

Caters News Agency source, produce and distribute news, images and video to the world’s media. From highly viral, caught-on-camera moments to hilarious animal antics and cute babies, Caters' library is home to some of the world’s most engaging content. With offices on four continents, Caters has a huge archive of rights cleared content and a daily stream of newly sourced and produced stories, images and videos. Caters News Agency specialises in engaging audiences with relatable, genuine and trusted content.


CCTV provides news from China and around the world. Offering news reports, live and on-demand video content and searchable archive.

CNBC Africa

CNBC Africa is Africa’s first and most powerful business media brand. Available through DStv and multiple terrestrial networks across Africa, we reach decision makers, CEO’s, policy makers and entrepreneurs across the continent.

Cover Media

Cover Media has been a leading entertainment news and lifestyle content producer of multilingual words, pictures and video for digital, print, mobile and broadcast companies around the world for nearly 20 years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast, accurate and verified content that is updated continuously by a highly experienced and expert team of journalists, photographers and Editors worldwide.

Deadline Hollywood

Deadline Hollywood first began in March 2006 - it has become the authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry and readers check the site multiple times each day. Deadline Hollywood is regularly included on lists of top entertainment websites. Deadline Hollywood is always the first to break up-to-the-minute entertainment, Hollywood and media news, with an unfiltered, no-holds-barred analysis of events.

Delight Turca

Delight Turca provides entertainment, celebrity and magazine news about Turkish TV series, which are among the most-watched in more than 100 countries. It covers lifestyle, cultural events, historical places, virals and trending news stories of every kind from Istanbul and all over Turkey, a major junction between East and West.


The German Press Agency dpa has been a leading provider of high quality journalism since 1949 and it adheres to exacting standards in both its national and international coverage.
As an international agency, dpa reports worldwide from it's own sources. Foreign correspondents provide news coverage from all the hot spots of the world.
dpa reporters are in over 90 countries worldwide produce the international wire services of dpa, the services are coordinated by our central editorial desk in Berlin as well as the regional editorial desks in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Cairo.

Agencia EFE

Agencia EFE, S.A. is a Spanish international news agency created in 1939. EFE is the major multimedia news agency in Spain providing Spanish language coverage on world news, current affairs, sports, entertainment and politics. Available in Englash and Spanish.


Esportz Network, Esports Entertainment Corp., offers the latest esports news, covering global breaking news along with ongoing coverage of competitive gaming, pro players and teams, games, and more. Photos and videos bring our stories to life. Esportz Network delivers a daily feed of exciting esports news coverage focusing on what fans want to read and share. Our team of dedicated esports reporters is the largest in the world.

Hans Lucas

Since 2006 Hans Lucas has been supporting the emergence of contemporary photographic writing and creating synergies across disciplinary boundaries. It is an ecosystem that invites journalists, authors and artists, both emerging and established, to work together. A bridge between information and creation, our collaborative platform is backed by a photo agency. In tune with technological changes, the structure relies on a strong international network of members.

Hollywood Life

HollywoodLife produces the very latest celebrity, entertainment, pop culture, fashion, beauty, fitness, women’s issues, and political news. Launched in 2009 by legendary Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller, and PMC CEO Jay Penske,, is part of Penske Media Corporation and has editorial teams based in both Los Angeles and New York City.’s team of writers, reporters, and editors regularly break exclusive and impactful news stories. From interviews with top celebrities, film directors, showrunners, reality stars, sports figures, and politicians, to on-the-record testimonials from social activists, law enforcement officials, expert attorneys, doctors, psychologists and more, HollywoodLife is committed to delivering a comprehensive overview of news that matters to the millennial woman.

Hollywood TV

Hollywood TV is on the job 24/7, covering celebrity events including Tribeca Film Festival, The Screen Actors Guild Awards, Sundance, NY Fashion Week as well as all the red carpet movie premieres in Los Angeles and New York.

International Judo Federation

Every year the International Judo Federation organizes the World Judo Tour (WJT) which includes more than 20 elite events (Grand Slam, Grand Prix, World Masters and the annual World Championships). All competitions, which are broadcast in over 130 territories, determine the World Ranking List that is used for Olympic qualification. Thousands of athletes from across the globe participate in the WJT. In parallel, the IJF leads important developmental and educational activities, such as, Judo for Children, Judo in Schools, Gender Equity, Judo for Peace, IJF Academy, to help create a better society. The IJF produces specially designed programmes for Reuters news content, including interviews, special features and preview content.

Imagine China

Imagine China, also known as IC photo, is the leading visual and creative integrity and marketing services provider in China. They produce a wide range of reportage subjects and photo coverage of local news and stories. Based in Shanghai, they also have main offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. Their extensive network of photographers covers most provinces and regions of China. The main focus on general news, economics, sports, entertainment, culture and travel within China, providing images for editorial, advertising and corporate uses.

Jukin Media

Jukin Media is a global entertainment company built on the belief that the future of storytelling is user generated. Jukin provides a wide range of solutions that allow premium brands, publishers, and media networks, to commercially utilize user­-generated video content. Jukin produces original content for TV, the web, and emerging platforms, and is owner/operator of a portfolio of social video properties that includes FailArmy, People Are Awesome, The Pet Collective, and JukinVideo; the properties combine for more than 60 million fans online and 1.5 billion monthly video views.


At Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, we dedicate our expertise and passion to provide our clients with privileged access to the infinite opportunities of sport and entertainment. We believe sport and entertainment inspire emotions and passion that are essential to enrich people’s lives and generate powerful collective experiences. We are a leading sports and entertainment agency, with a global network of local experts dedicated to providing world class sporting content from Asia.

Latin America News Agency

Latin America News Agency is the leading agency in the region to inform the world from Latin America. We offer a daily photo, video and text service about the main news events of the world, with a main focus on Latin America. With headquarters in Argentina, we have the most complete network of correspondents in the region.

MB Media Solutions

MB Media is the world's foremost provider of football headshots, offering more headshots from more leagues than any other provider. We provide headshots from 20 leagues in Europe and Eastern Europe and 10 leagues in North/South America and Asia. Biennially we do preview for the big global competitions, the FIFA World Cup, Women's World Cup, Euros, Gold Cup, the Confederations Cup and Asia Cup.


Originally founded by famed Hollywood photographer Sid Avery, mptv has been helping editors illustrate their stories for decades. With its exclusive collection of entertainment photography, mptv’s extensive library includes some of the most recognizable images from film, television, music and politics. When you think of the 20th century's most iconic images, think mptv.

National Geographic Image Collection

Reuters customers can now access pictures from the ever-growing National Geographic Image Collection on the Reuters Connect platform. National Geographic, one of the world’s most renowned sources of stunning photography, now offers Reuters customers captivating images of wildlife, culture, history and the environment.


Newsflare connects media companies to the best eyewitness and tr

ending videos, and the people creating them. Through their global team and hyper-engaged community, Newsflare discover, verify and curate video shot by the public - from breaking news moments and trending stories to amazing tales, achievements and fails.

Next Animation Studio

Next Animation Studio brings a forward-looking perspective to the digital media industry with its 3D animated news graphics service. Available for broadcast and web use, daily high-quality animated graphics visually enhance news reports and help viewers understand breaking news stories and in-depth features. With industry-leading turnaround times, Next Animation Studio's animations are available to customers hours after a top story breaks.

Nippon TV

Since becoming Japan’s first commercial broadcaster in 1953, NIPPON TV has been the country’s leading broadcast network known as the finest producer of all genres of programs. NIPPON TV achieved the Triple Crown Title in 2019, topping the charts in all viewer rating categories for 6 consecutive years. With the cooperation of its nationwide network of 30 local broadcasters, NIPPON TV provides full, concise and timely news coverage of the latest events in Japan.

PA Images

PA Images, the national photography agency of Britain, is the UK's leading news, sport and entertainment image provider. Delivering comprehensive coverage of sport, showbiz, news, royalty and current affairs. Our unique archive dates back over 150 years, expanding daily with our up-to-the minute photography on major stories across the UK and around the world.

PA Media

With a network of over 100 multi-skilled video journalists around the United Kingdom and Ireland, and a dedicated video production team, PA Media produces a wide range of videos a day for digital and broadcast platforms. Using the latest production technology, PA Media cover diversified topics within the news agenda to provide high quality content at speed to a wide and varying customer base. Key content areas include: News, Royals, Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Motoring, Sci-Tech Viral and Real Life.


Panoramic is a photographic press agency created in 1994 by Eddy Eyrignoux and Gilles Biguerd. The agency covers the major national and international events in sports, news or celebrities with its own photographers or its partners all over the world.

PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour will provide compelling b-roll footage from the U.S. and around the world, including content from current news locations, as well as historic and evergreen footage from the NewsHour’s rich 40-year-old archive of award-winning journalism.

Stats Perform

Better Sports Predictions and Insights ​Through World-Class Data and AI​. Stats Perform unlocks what was once immeasurable in sport by combining trusted data and storytelling capabilities with our AI Innovation Centre. Stats Perform uses a foundation of more than a century of sports data that is faster, deeper and broader than any other database to feed our AI Innovation Centre and generate insights for meaningful fan experiences and predictions to improve analysis and decision-making.

PGA Tour

By showcasing golf’s greatest players, the PGA TOUR engages, inspires and positively impacts our fans, partners and communities worldwide. The PGA TOUR co-sanctions more than 130 tournaments on the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions, Tour, PGA TOUR Latinoamérica, Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada and PGA TOUR Series-China. Members on the PGA TOUR represent the world’s best players, hailing from 27 countries (90 members are from outside the United States). Worldwide, PGA TOUR tournaments are broadcast to 226 countries and territories in 23 languages.

Professional Squash Association (PSA)

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) is the global governing body responsible for the administration of both men's and women's professional squash around the world.

With over 900 registered players and more than 200 events taking place around the globe every year, the PSA World Tour and the PSA Challenger Tour - both managed and run by the PSA - showcases the game of squash at its highest level in some of the world's most unique and stunning locations.

Encapsulating all that is good about top flight professional squash and combining athleticism, skill, fitness, tenacity, power, drama and above all else, passion, the PSA World Tour is the pinnacle of world squash, while the PSA Challenger Tour provides a platform for the world's most exciting up-and-coming players to cut their teeth on the professional circuit against some of the squash's most experienced professionals.

Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Media House offers video and still images covering sports, culture, ad

venture, entertainment, e-sports and music. A daily feed of beyond-the-ordinary editorial content, all available from one powerful platform.

Runway Manhattan

Runway Manhattan specializes in fashion entertainment – from red carpet premieres and fashion week sidewalks to runway shows, intimate backstage moments, exclusive designer studio sessions, and beyond.

Scanpix Baltics

Founded in 1999, Scanpix Baltics is the largest photo supplier to the media and book publishers in the Baltic States

Shanghai Daily - SHINE

SHINE, a digital brand of Shanghai Daily, takes a closer look at the 24 million residents of Shanghai, the world's largest city. From societal and business leaders through to ordinary people navigating life in China's biggest metropolis, Shine provides original weekly video content that resonates with audiences worldwide. Launched in 1999, Shanghai Daily is the first local English-language daily newspaper on the Chinese mainland.

Sipa USA

Sipa USA is a leading international media agency specializing in entertainment, news and sports photography. Sipa USA covers the top events of the day with bureaus in New York and Los Angeles. Using staff photographers, partner agencies and contributors throughout the world, Sipa USA delivers the day's news in real time. Clients can rely on Sipa USA for exclusive access to entertainment and other events as well as special features from around the world.


As an online news agency, we specialize in curating newsworthy social media videos for mass media enterprises. Our patented AI technology gives broadcasters and publishers real-time access to UGC videos from all over the world.


Established in 2004, StarNews is the leading source of prompt and accurate breaking news as well as competitive and differentiated interviews, reviews and reports in Korean entertainment industry. StarNews cover from movies and songs to dramas and concerts. Get access to your favorite celebrities and artists with the number one entertainment media outlet in Korea.


StockANI, created by Michel Leconte in 1997, provides TV channels and other media worldwide with 3D animations on news topics such as : global security, national and international politics, accidents and natural disasters, environment, society, police, criminal affairs, technology, science, medicine, and history. It also keeps exploring the new technologies such as augmented reality.


Storyful is a social media news and intelligence agency combining unique access to social data, proprietary technology and human expertise. Founded by journalists as the world’s first social media-based newswire, Storyful helps publishers and newsrooms around the world gather and verify news and user-generated content to inform their reporting, investigations and broadcast programming.


We gather content through our own journalistic activities, through our syndication partners in local media, and through user-generated content (UGC) from members of the public.But everything we do is fit for modern digital media – image-led, attention-grabbing and engaging.

The Guardian

Latest news, sport, business, comment, analysis and reviews from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice.

The Players' Tribune

The Players' Tribune publishes first-person stories from athletes, providing unique insight into the daily sports conversation. Through impactful and powerful long- and short-form stories, video series and podcasts, the Players' Tribune brings fans closer than ever to the games they love.

United Nations - UNI Feed

UNifeed enables news providers to cover important global issues by offering timely broadcast-quality video from throughout the UN system. Stories come from the global network of UN specialized agencies, funds and programmes, Peacekeeping Operations and UN headquarters. New stories are posted on the UNifeed website as soon as they become available on a daily basis. UNifeed was created by the UN’s Department of Public Information and UNICEF in response to the growing global demand for timely video material with an international focus. It is also supported by UNHCR, UNDP, the World Bank and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports offers the latest news, buzz, information, photos, and videos from the world of sports.


Recognized and respected throughout the world of show business, Variety is the premier source of entertainment news. Since 1905, the most influential leaders in the industry have turned to Variety for timely, credible and straightforward news and analysis - information vital to their professions.

Velon Media

Velon Media House Service provides entertaining and revealing footage behind the scenes of 11 of the most famous World Tour Teams in professional cycling. The clips on offer to Reuters customers will often be in the native language of a rider and almost always have English footage coming with it. On Reuters Connect, you will find the most complete and up-close content behind the scenes in professional cycling from Velon Media.


As one of the leading licensing companies in the world, ViralHog supplies premium user-generated content to a vast network of global media entities for broadcast, web use, social media, and developing digital platforms. Bringing the hottest user-generated content to partners is their top priority and with a focus on acquisitions the library is bursting at the seams with video output. ViralHog's fresh and fascinating videos are proven to boost audience engagement through improved user experience and loyalty. From newsworthy events to the latest viral videos capturing a heartfelt story, an epic fail or unbelievable moment, ViralHog is a one-stop-shop for all of your content needs!


For over a quarter of a century, WENN has been providing the world's media with up-to-the-minute entertainment imagery. Headquartered in London, with offices in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York, WENN's pictures are relied upon by publications, broadcasters and websites worldwide


Wibbitz provides publishers with advanced text-to-video technology to automatically produce premium videos using text content in seconds. Publishers produce thousands of videos each month for desktop, mobile, social media, and OTT using Wibbitz’s platform.

Womens Wear Daily

The first in fashion. For more than 100 years, Womens Wear Daily has been the media of record -- and the industry voice of authority -- for senior executives in the global women's and men's fashion, retail and beauty communities and the consumer media that cover the market. Follow WWD for the latest in fashion, beauty and retail news.

Yomiuri Shimbun

The Yomiuri Shimbun is a daily newspaper with the largest circulation in the world. The newspaper is characterized by its extensive news coverage as well as its clear, logical editorial lines. We have also served the public’s “right to know” through numerous scoops. The Yomiuri Shimbun publishes also “the Japan News”, the English-language daily. Its mission is to promote accurate, well-balanced, quality information in English. The Japan News offers a wide array of articles that are of interest to younger generations and news related to Japan’s cutting-edge technology, to respond to growing demands from our readers for such information.


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