Graphics Metadata Update

Reuters are upgrading the Graphics production system resulting in enhanced metadata that is more consistent with our other services. The changes will go live on Monday April 18 2016. There are no changes to the graphic (EPS file) or the preview jpeg. Some minor changes will be made to the accompanying files, which are XML or IIM, depending upon your chosen format. If you make use of those files please review the changes detailed below along with the provided sample files Arabic | English | French | Spanish.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact us.

IIM Changes
DataCurrent IIMFuture IIM
Original Transmission Reference [2:103] **SIN01Not present
Coded Character set [1:90]%5“ESC%G”
Byline Title [2:85]RNGSNot present
Caption Writer [2:122]RNGSNot present
Special Instructions [2:40]Variable (if included)“ANY”
XML Changes
DataCurrent XMLFuture XML
Original Transmission Reference<altId type="idType:OTR">SIN00</altId>Not present
Usage TermsVariable (if included)“ANY”
Country Codes3 letter country code
<subject qcode="N2:CHN" type="cptType:5">
2 letter country code
<subject literal="China (PRC)" qcode="N2:CN" type="cptType:5">
<name>China (PRC)</name>
Infosources<infoSource role="cRole:origProv" literal="Reuters"/>
<infoSource role="cRole:source" literal="X01344"/>
<infoSource role="cRole:origProv" literal="Reuters"/>
<infoSource role="cRole:source" literal="Reuters"/>
LocationNot present<located qcode="G:B1" type="cptType:5">
<name>China (PRC)</name>
<facet qcode="geoProp:5"/>
Byline Title<by rtr:title="RNGS">RNGS</by><by>RNGS</by>

* Users of legacy systems such as News Suite Server will see graphics filenames change, for example:
Current LON01_CHINA-BEER- C_0309_52.EPS
Future NONE_CHINA-BEER- C_0309_52.EPS

This does not affect functionality such as News Suite Web Generation Graphics Linking.